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Great Lakes Flyfishing ShOP

The Great Lakes Fly Fishing Shop evolved out of our Great Lakes angling pride and desire to help sustain the region's fishing future.

A portion of all SWAG sales go to organizations who are hard at work conducting research to understand the root causes and develop solutions to the threats facing our Great Lakes.

Thank You for Your Support!


Your Great Lakes Fly Fishing SWAG purchases support our annual give back to local organizations working on issues which directly impact our home waters, fishery and their futures. Watch our social feed for new swag drops.


We're grateful for all support and gladly accept all forms of payment, including credit cards. For small orders we ask you to consider the manual payment option to maximize dollars available for giving. For those in the local Cleveland area, hit us up on social to arrange a pick up to save you on shipping.

Are you obsessed with Great Lakes angling like we are?  Check out our GIPHY channel. All GIPHYs available wherever GIPHY is supported. Take this link to the Groovy Great Lakes Flyfishing channel.

Stickers & Decals SWAG

apparel SWAG


Gift certificates for great education opportunities and services with Jeff Liskay and Great Lakes Fly Fishing. 

Great Lakes Print resources

These are some of our favorite, invaluable print resources from around the Great Lakes. Find them at your favorite local fly shop, through the author's directly or Amazon. 

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