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Fly Fish for Great Lakes Steelhead

The Vibe

Imagine steelhead running up easy access urban rivers, with the potential for multiple shots at fish a day. We can debate if the Great Lakes Migratory Trout is a Steelhead or a simply a lake run Rainbow, but in the end everyone falls for these beautiful fish.

If asked their favorite species, Migratory Trout top the list of most of regional fly anglers. They are good sized, tough fighting fish that are loads of fun. Depending on the area and strain, the fish will make seasonal runs from the larger Great Lakes waters to the smaller rivers and tributaries setting off the chase for Great Lakes chrome. Fishing opportunities are available across Michigan, New York, Wisconsin and what is known as Steelhead Alley (Pennsylvania and Ohio). 

Fly anglers will target them with 6 to 8 wt rods, either by nymph techniques or by swinging. Conditions across the region vary from large, wider flowing rivers to the tighter run-off rivers of Steelhead Alley which impacts the setup. For adventurous fly anglers they can also be targeted on the shoreline or boat depending again upon the area.

Great Lakes Chrome with Jeff Liskay

Jeff offers a limited number of guide days on the water every year throughout each of the Great Lakes Steelhead seasons. Whether it's nymphing or his true passion, swinging, be prepared for an active day on the water fishing, learning and laughing. When booking it's best to get to us early to get on his calendar and be open to a bit of flexibility.

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