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Fly Fish Lake St Clair

The Vibe

On Lake St. Clair many come for the Bass, and loads of multi-species opportunities. But in the end if you're like us you fall in love with that aqua blue water; Oh and did we mention the muskie?

In many ways Lake St. Clair is a body of water that seems to be made for fly fishing. It is approximately 430 square miles and has an average depth of only 11 feet, making so much of it accessible by fly.  Lake St. Clair Michigan is already on the must-do list for all adventurous fly anglers for good reason.

  • It is a major bass angling destination and is home to several Pro Bass Tournaments each year.

  • Amazing environment: areas of reefs, weeds, sand, plus access to the entire Detroit River system provide for seemingly endless fishing opportunities for Bass, Pike, White Bass and more.

  • One word: MUSKY. Lake St. Clair has long been known as the Muskie Mecca of the Great Lakes. With ample roaming space and amazing water clarity, Lake St. Clair can provide Muskie fly anglers exciting challenges, along with jaw dropping visuals of follows and grabs that ignite that musky madness. 

Fly Fish with Us on Lake St. Clair

When fishing on Lake St. Clair the first question is, are you after musky?  If your goal is musky, the day is spent casting heavy grain weights and flies in hyper-focus; watching for strikes and follows. 

We use 9 to 11 wt single and two hand fly rods specifically designed for Musky, with either intermediate or sink tips and large musky flies.  Covering water is a key part of the game, so casting ability is crucial. With the physical and mental demand, we also carry conventional gear and lures to provide a break if desired. We supply all the fishing equipment needed, including flies. 

 The good news is you don't have to fish for musky on Lake St. Clair to have a fantastic adventure. For bass and multi-species trips we use 6 to 8 wt single hand rods with intermediate or sink tips. Fishing is generally accomplished with a drift and strip technique, which requires a minimum 30ft cast for presentation success. We also encourage utilizing gear fishing for a break or for non-fly fishing guests if desired.

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