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Fly Fishing Lake Erie

The Vibe

Imagine flyfishing near shore with a cool urban backdrop and hitting dinner at a local restaurant for fresh perch and walleye, or heading off shore to remote locations that leave you feeling like you went off grid. Surprised? You haven't seen anything yet.

Ask anyone about Lake Erie fishing and you will hear World Class Walleye, but it has also historically been noted for its Small Mouth Bass. It has lots of shallow areas and structural reefs, making it ideal for fly fishing.

It is our home water; Jeff grew up fishing Lake Erie and continues to live 5 minutes from its shore. This makes us a bit biased of course, but we think it should be on any fly angler's trip list because:

  • Loads of diverse warm and cold water fishing from Trout and Walleye to Bass and more.

  • Fish in cool urban backdrops.

  • Escape to the Erie Islands and find yourself inspired by their natural beauty. 

Fly Fish with us on Lake Erie

We will spend the day on the water casting 6 to 8 wt single hand rods with intermediate or sink tips. Fishing is accomplished with a drift and strip technique, which requires a minimum 30ft cast for presentation success. For the most enjoyable fly fishing experience, anglers should have a solid foundation of single hand casting, double hauling and be comfortable on a boat.  We also encourage utilizing conventional gear fishing for a break or for non-fly fishing guests in guide trips if desired.  

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