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Walleye on the Fly

The Vibe

Mr. & Mrs. Musky aren't the only predators in town and yes you can catch them on the fly. In the Walleye Capital of the World, did anyone say Great Lakes Fish Tacos?

Jeff Liskay loves pushing the boundaries of what is considered attainable with a fly. This drive is what pushed him to begin fly fishing for Walleye about 15 years ago. Today, Jeff is known as one of the region's definitive Walleye on the fly experts and gets thrilled sharing the adventure. If you like Big H20 fly fishing and the idea of something a bit different it may be up your alley too.

Chasing Walleye on the Fly

Jeff's main trip destination is the Walleye Capital of the World, Lake Erie. A day fly fishing for Walleye is a bit similar to a day on a 6-pack fishing charter. Your Captain needs to have a strong understanding of where the fish are, how they are moving and what they are feeding on. We will spend the day hunting and following fish and bait, by drifting around reefs and submerged structures. Walleye can potentially be caught at anytime, however if you specifically want to target them we suggest focusing on the seasons and conditions that they like best; those choppy water, dreary days in Spring and Fall. We also really like late afternoon into twilight trips, which can be really productive. 

Jeff uses 8 to 10 wt single and two hand fly rods with set ups that include floating, intermediate and sinking lines.  A similar drift and strip technique for other species is used, but the presentation and flies can be more specific to Walleye. That sound foundation in single hand casting and double hauling and minimum 30+ cast that has been mentioned for Big H20 fly angling is equally important for Walleye. The better caster will have more opportunities and success. 

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Chasing Walleye on the fly on Lake Erie is a bucket list fly fishing adventure? We think so! And so do many others. Read more in the article.

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