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Got melt & slush? Where to begin Fly fishing for Great Lakes Steelhead in these unique conditions.

If you live in the Great Lakes and you plan to fly fish for Steelhead, you will face slush, unless you limit yourself to only the nicest of days. Slushy conditions on the rivers comes from changing temperatures and melting ice, things we seem to have in abundance around our area from our run off rivers and winter seasons. It might be worth noting that as climate change has shifted weather patterns and seasons, it also seems to me that we are seeing more of these up and down temperature swing patterns throughout our seasons as well.

Think you need to stay home? Folks may tell you you do. But I'm here to say that's not necessarily the case. If you love the beauty of fresh fallen snow you can get out there, cast or swing a fly and enjoy it. An important key is understanding reading the water in these unique conditions. Check out my video log for an idea of where to start as you approach the river.

Peace- Jeff

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