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Introducing Chris Thompson to the GL Chase Fish Blog!

We're super excited that Chris is bringing his voice to the GL Chase Fish Blog. Come Steelhead season in the greater Cleveland area, whether it's spring or fall, you'll always find him somewhere roaming around on his favorite river or frequenting a local fly shop. He's easy to run into if you love fly fishing in the CLE, he's pretty much everywhere. You can read Chris's bio below. Please welcome him and we hope you enjoy his adventures and wisdom as much as we do.

Chris Thompson is a passionate Great Lakes angler of limited skill. He caught his

first Great Lakes steelhead in 1986 on a Lake Superior tributary and he's never been the same since. In the summer, he can be found on his paddleboard casting to bass and other warmwater species. In the fall and winter, he chases lake run rainbows with a two-handed rod. And in the spring, he splits his time between the lake runs and wild browns on limestone streams in Pennsylvania. When not fishing, he runs Civic Collaboration Consultants, LLC, and travels with his wife, two grown children and four grandchildren.

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