what about the conditions?

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Like all other industries COVID-19 is having an impact on fly fishing as well. Great Lakes Fly Fishing LLC will follow all required Federal and State requirements in areas that we operate in for our customer's and team's safety. If there is something you need in addition on an adventure please discuss this as part of your planning process.

Because of COVID-19 restrictions there may be some areas that we will not be able to access for angling adventures or destination travel. These conditions are changing literally moment by moment, so we ask for your patience as we navigate this fluid situation.

I've never been on a guided boat adventure- what should I expect?

For guided boat adventures, we will meet you at the launch ramp and plan to spend as much of the full allotted time on the water as possible. During the planning process we will discuss with you a plan based on the species, your goals and conditions. Conditions on a boat can vary dramatically. In spring/summer/early fall, the day can start off quite cool and end up very hot like a tropical location. Whereas, early spring/late fall conditions can be quite cool to down right cold. Rain is always a possibility over large open water also. Remember, depending on the target species those rainy and cool conditions can be the most desirable. You will find a raincoat, hat, sunglasses and dressing appropriately and in layers is important for comfort while on a boat.

What should I bring?

For Boat Adventures we recommend:

  • polarized sunglasses
  • sun screen
  • hat
  • Water resistant UV protective/seasonable clothing in layers
  • rain coat
  • shoes/sandles suitable for boat
  • change of clothes

For Walk and Wade, or Floats we recommend:

  • waders
  • boots or appropriate wading shoes for floats
  • raincoat
  • hat
  • Water resistant UV protective /seasonable clothing in layers
  • polarized sunglasses
  • wading stick
  • change of clothes and socks

What should I expect on a Walk and Wade or Float Adventure with you?

With Walk and Wade or Float Adventures, we will determine the best location to meet based on species and conditions.  We will talk about a plan to cover as much water as possible in the allotted time and forecasted conditions.  It can be very helpful to share your comfort with wading and in walking distances for determining this plan. Just like with boat adventures a raincoat, hat, sunglasses and dressing appropriately and in layers is important for comfort. Having a change of clothes in the car can be a savior in the event you get wet for any reason.

What about meals and snacks?

We will take a break during fishing as needed to have our meals and snacks. As part of the planning we will discuss with you meal and snack options. Please feel free to bring any special snacks you'd like or share any special needs with us.

What happens if the weather or conditions are bad?

Sometimes bad weather for us is actually great for fishing, so you should be prepared to fish in the rain and snow. However, lake and river conditions can directly impact not only fishability, but also safety. We will monitor weather/ conditions and as your adventure approaches discuss with you what is forecasted, impacts and any options if needed.

I want to arrange for a group adventure but not everyone knows how to fly fish.

That's not a problem. Depending on the type of adventure and species we can discuss with you a variety of options including conventional gear.

Do I need to bring rods, reels, lines and flies?

If you have a favorite set up that is suitable then yes, please do! As part of the planning we can talk about what set up is best for your Adventure and ensure you have the equipment you need. We will provide flies that we know have demonstrated success for your target species and conditions, so bringing flies is not necessary.