Great Lakes Fly Fishing Education Programs

For over 4 decades we've been the trusted teachers and mentors of anglers, pros and organizations for fly fishing education in the Great Lakes. 

We've been teaching fly fishing since the early 1990s. Our Lead Instructors, Jeff Liskay and Jerry Darkes, are regularly sought out by clubs, fishing organizations, podcasts and print media for their fishing knowledge. You can find them supporting many of the regions fly shop education programs through our brand relationships.  As you can imagine, we've spent a lot of time with anglers. For us one thing was clear, those who work through a step by step skills-based approach fare much better and ultimately are far more capable and successful anglers in the long run. But, learning fishing should be as enjoyable as the sport itself.  That's why folks love our approach and the way we make it fun.


This Casting Tune Up video provides a sneak peak into Jeff's teaching style and what we can do for you. Click this link to go to Youtube video

Learning how to fly fish can be broken down into 4 buckets. What can go wrong is that these buckets can seem deceiving simple. Complicating matters is that we have access to so much more online DIY fishing resources today and we find most anglers come to us with some level of misunderstanding or confusion. Our program contains various classes, trips, and lessons which are available privately, in groups or through local fly shops and organizations. Join in our program or pop in when you need us. We also have a lot of DIY Fishing resources to support you through your own personal journey.

Learn How to Fly Fish

Fly Casting

Learn how to fly cast

Beginner to Advanced

Single hand & 2 hand

Beginner Fly Fishing

Spend time with an experienced angler to get you started

 Angling Skills

 Taking you to the next level; trip prep, flies, angling techniques and more.                

Casting Tune-Ups

Once you've progressed, work with us to ID weak points & how to fix them

DIY Fishing Resources

Some of our most requested podcasts, articles & books