Fly Fishing in the Great Lakes

Book your adventure with the fishy anglers who brought fly fishing techniques to the Great Lakes.

The idea of fly fishing the Great Lakes started over 40 years ago. Back then we were gear anglers, but were exploring and networking with other angling colleagues across the Great Lakes about how to fly fish what Jerry Darkes calls the "Inland Oceans". Today, we're proud that fly fishing on the Great Lakes is not only doable, it's the next frontier of fly angling everyone is jumping on to explore. If you've never experienced it; some venues can feel like you've escaped to a faraway destination, while others can tap into the cool, Great Lakes urban vibe. 

Use the below to learn about these fantastic Great Lakes Fly Fishing venues and the history of Great Lakes Fly Fishing.

You can also access this video about Great Lakes Fly Fishing Big H2O Adventures. Click this link to go to YouTube video