Fish and Cruise Guided Adventure

A little less fishing- a bit more adventure. A trip you can share with those that aren't exactly into fish till you drop. Let us show off why the Great Lakes is so cool.

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New Trip: Sunset Fish & Cruise- Lake Erie

It's a like a little piece of weekend during the week.

Join us at the dock after work for a 3- 4 hr cruise & fish.

Bring your dinner & rods or we can arrange.

Limited time offer: Try it: $250.00 for 2 people

Near Shore Lake Erie Fly Fishing 

Explore near shore venues around Lake Erie. Fly Fish for Bass, Drum and other available species. 

Full or half day adventures possible.

Lake Erie Fly Fishing 

Venture out and explore the greater Lake Erie reef systems and islands. Fly Fish for Bass, Drum and other warm water species. Requires a full day commitment.

Full day up to 8 hours.

Big H20 Lake Erie Fly Fishing 2022 Rates

Full day up to 8 hours.

Half day up to 4 hours.

  • Up to 8 hrs. $ 500. 1 to 2 anglers. Add $100 for third angler. 

  • Up to 4 hrs. $350. 1 to 2 anglers. Add $50 for third angler.